Now that we all spend more and more time at home, the comfort of our bedrooms, living rooms and other comfortable areas of the home is becoming increasingly important to our well-being. Your bedroom is a magical place because it welcomes your deepest moments, your beauty vacation, and every new day. As soon as you add a special accent to make your bedroom more romantic, you will get a new relaxed feeling and be inspired to love more deeply – be it self-love or romantic love. Your environment plays an important role in your mood. Here are 7 of our romantic bedroom ideas to welcome more love into your life:

  1. Start with the bed.
    The bedroom holy grail – it all starts in your bed. We all to choose as more desirable (soft, hard, like a cloud) for mattresses. So make sure you sleep every night making you sigh every time you go to sleep. There are also perfect silk sheets, lovely blankets, fluffy pillows, and a great headboard. Gather everything you need to make your bed extravagantly luxurious. Choose a bed sheet color that makes you relaxed or sexy. Finish each night with a gentle natural scent on your pillow to help you fall asleep.
  2. Add flowers.
    Beautiful flowers are synonymous with romance. You can put fresh flowers on your bedside table for a romantic look and a lovely natural scent. Or you can choose flowers that you only need to buy once – a bouquet of dried flowers or silk roses.

Silk flowers

  1. Light a candle.
    We are real candle lovers because they can make a room romantic. Dancing flames, soft light, warmth … luxurious scented candles are the perfect addition to your bedroom. Our poetic candles add even more to the romance. And if you want a candle to “burn” while you sleep.
  2. Create a shelter.
    This could be a canopy over your bed or a curtain hanging over a deck chair where you can spend hours reading a good book.

Romantic bedroom ideas

  1. Hang fine art.
    Effortless art can evoke feelings of romance and sensuality. Everything from nudity to abstract art with sensual colors. We love this minimalist trend even with two lovers.
  2. Add a retro accent.
    Even if you want a modern room, a little vintage sprinkles will instantly make your room more unique. Vintage jewelery box for your gorgeous earrings, dresser inspired by vintage retro books on the shelf, beautiful artwork in vintage frames … just a few details.
  3. Experiment with lighting.
    Adding light with a dimmer is a surefire way to add romance to your bedroom. These lights change to different colors so you can easily switch to red for an erotic night or soothing blue for intimate relaxation.

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